Sunday, May 1, 2011


In Islam, there is a Hijra. Hijra is a migration of the prophet Mohammed, because of the struggle in Mecca, under the threat that he could be killed, they have to move to Medina, in order to regain Moslem's power. They moved to Medina and after facing several battles with quraish, they regain mecca and overpowered quraish without resistance.

In Christian, jesus resurrection is known to be of how distance or moving to other dimension is powerful.

In Hindu, after war of mahabrata, all the heroes goes to heaven and become God.
In Buddha, Sidharta went through years of silence meditating. He went out of palace's life and become a holy man....

In all the religion in the world, they taught us that in a strugling proccess, migrating, in whatever form, is the best way to solve a problem that is seems to be status quo.
Migrating can change someone's reference of life, that give us a lot of powers, created by different setting, environment that is not so hostile to us. Giving us a place to regain power to take on the battle of life.

In war, it is known as retreat.

All the success story in the world, they have some kind of period of Migration. Chinese bussinesmen, sent out their sons to US school to get knowledge on bussiness, while the fact is, the sons going through the proccess of migration, that they see the world from different perspective as his father. he went home and gives new twist to his father's bussiness.

In Indonesia, padang's people is well known for their migration. They are really proud if they can make it to be a successful people in other places, cities, or even countries.
Padang never seen their homeland as a place to grow bussiness, they go to distant places to prove that they can make it somewhere.

They prove of migration in Padang people can be seen in singapore and malaysia, where we can find easily nasi padang food stall in these areas.
Also padang people has family relations with the royal family of malaysia. this is happened because of trading relationship they have in the past.

Chinese is well known for their succes story. the core of their success is migration. try to go around the world in a month, and we can find easily anywhere in the world, chinese restaurant, that has same menu and same taste.
chinese who migrated to southeast asia, they are now the bussiness ruler of asia, their wealth are now can encompass the wealthiest in europe and in us.

chinese way of doing bussiness, finding an area that is not really crowded, and established bussiness little by little, is proving how a growing process, not an instant success is proven to be a powerful way to achieve something.

Jewish are also has their migrating story. what happened now in palestine, only strengthen the facts that jewish all over the world are successful people, they are so successful, that they can influence the world's decisionmaker to works in their favors.

So basically, the point is, when someone going through great struggle or battle in the world, might that be poverty, dead, divorce, victimized or others. the best way to do is migrating. because migrating is needed to put our minds together, put back all the pieces that broken and see it from different perspective. that taught us that life is not just always dealing with people we have problems is, there is a whole other different life out there that has different challenges. and different ways to conquer.

Migrating is like getting out of our comfort zone, and bootcamp us to a whole other way of life.
that is we needed in order to transform us to become a new person with new perspective. and then we can go back to our respective homeland with a different setting and once again have power over the things that we have had problems with. and it will be without battles to win.......

the circle of life

To me, life is full of circling. Everything then going back to where it was before. there is no such things as eternity. something has to started and something has to ended. that's the way life goes.

One thing that keep people going is hope.

We have to have dreams in order to always keep going in our life. some dreams, maybe too hard to reach, some are can be quick to reach. but basically they are the same.

Dreams and hope are two things that would never gone in this world. both are needed in order to make our life sane.